Happy birthday Alisa!!! 💕

Happy birthday Alisa!!! 💕

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There are so many moments in the last 7 months where I was ready to go down on one knee, and beg you to marry me. You really are everything I could want in a partner and more, and I’ll never stop saying it. I’ve barely scratched the surface of writing down everything I love about you, because there are so many parts of you that are so special to me. Here’s my attempt of listing down a couple that come to mind:

The way you treat everyone like you’re their friend - something I do a lot too! You get along so well with everyone you meet, and you make an lasting impression with your confidence, your ability to listen and understand, and the way you truly care by going out of your way for others.

Even when you know so many people, you really do show your love for the people you care most. It was something I first noticed when you were with your family - the amount of affection you would give, the amount of time you would take out of your day to make sure they were ok, the way you would drop everything to accommodate. It’s such an amazing trait that I don’t even think you realize you have.

For me, you always put me first, even when it was hard to do so. You prioritize me even with your insanely busy schedule, and involve me with everything that you do. I always tell you that I really do understand how bad school can be sometimes; I did it, I went through it, and I know that time is such an asset that is so hard to come by. The fact that you make time, and you want to spend it all with me is such an honour and I can’t explain in words how much that means to me.

I’ve never smiled so much in my life before - I feel so giddy around you because of your energy, and I find myself expressing myself differently than I did before because of the happiness you instilled in me. The way you truly do make my laugh with your puns, and the way you so easily create quips that make grin from ear to ear is something that I will always appreciate. Please please please never stop doing it, I really do love it!!!

And with you, time really does fly. I never understood how that worked - how can you find yourself spending hours with someone without realizing? I get it now. I really really do. When you find someone so special that you want to listen to every word they want to say, when you want to tell them every little detail that went on in your life, when you want to talk about your past and your future, it’s truly that simple. Thank you for creating these moments for me, moments where I can just have someone on the other side who is always willing to listen and wants to talk to me, because they really do care <3

Just to summarize:

Alisa, I never want you to forget how special of a person you are.

And in the tough moments that you do, you have someone by your side who will never stop reminding you.

On this special day where you turn 23, look to the future, and what you can do in it - because you really can do anything my love!

In the years that come after this, you’ll never be alone. To repeat what I echoed this week, even though we are our own individuals in what we do, we are joint at the hip. You’ll never have to worry about going through anything on your own again. You have a shoulder to lean on, cry on, and relax on as we go through this journey of life together <3

We don’t need a piece of jewelry to show our love to each other - this is the life I want to live. A life with you. I love you Alisa, happy birthday!!!

My world with you...